Consumer Tips

Here are some helpful tips that we would like everyone to be aware of when they are considering selling their items:

  • Ask to see the person’s county license to buy precious metals. Each dealer is required by the state to register within the county they are conducting business in.

  • Ask to see a seal on the dealer’s scale saying that their scale has been tested, and is accurate. If the person is registered then the scale will be certified as well. This is something that can only be done if you are registered.

  • Each dealer is required to provide you with a bill of sale which will contain an itemized list of the items sold, the weight of the items, and the price paid for the items. This bill of sale is a state law and is required.

  • Each dealer must hold onto the items sold to them for a total of 5 business days. This is so that any names or items that may be reported as stolen or questionable may be found.

  • If at any time you are not presented with the above listed items that are required by the state STOP the transaction and leave. In no way are you required to sell your items if you no longer feel safe with the dealer.

  • Should you feel threatened by the dealer or unsafe please contact the local police so that they may look into the creditability of the dealer.

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns you may have.